reader case studies: super fun

Reader case studies are so fun! We get to peak into someone else’s life, feel all the feelings (jealousy! judgement! elation! confusion!) and then take what’s helpful into our own lives. Many financial blogs have their own version of the reader case study. My two favorites are written by Mrs. Frugalwood and Millenial Revolution. Mr. Money Mustache doesn’t seem to do many of these anymore, but the archives are interesting and worth your time. Below are a few fun picks to get you started. Generally I believe the comments on blog posts are very not fun, but comments in case studies (especially in the Frugalwood’s series) are full of useful information.

“Grounded in Vancouver and Dreaming of Fire.” Don’t even get me started on how much I love Kristy and Bryce.

“Hair on Fire.” Fun to see other people’s numbers. And of course fun to make your own chart.

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